How you can recognise a high quality and safe glass laminate product

Safety standards are constantly rising in all possible areas in which glass is used or installed – which is the reason why lamination is also becoming increasingly important in the glass industry. However, due to the complexity of this process, it is crucial to know all about the challenges and stumbling blocks that arise in order to act or react respectively.
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Why is pre-lamination the heart of the lamination system?

Pre-lamination is often referred to as the heart of a laminating system in the industry. And rightly so, because the lamination process takes place during pre-lamination to a large extent, where the foil is heated up and then pressed or bonded to the glass using rollers. However, the air that is still trapped is pressed out of the glass package during the course of pre-lamination. This followed by the autoclave process, during which the laminate foil is melted under heat and high pressure and finally bonded.
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Cost effectiveness with laminating products: what you need to consider

During times when the number of suppliers in all industries (and also the glass industry, of course) is steadily increasing and the market is becoming more and more transparent at the same time, the importance of cost-effective production for higher profit margins increases tremendously. Furthermore, individual representatives of the glass industry can gain a certain competitive edge over the competition in this way and develop it accordingly.
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