LiTEC Accurate: Automated dimension measurement | DQS-A

High-precision manual measurement of glass panes is difficult for rectangular panes up to a certain size - and almost impossible for oversized panes, special shapes or panes with internal processing (such as holes and cut-outs). The LiTEC Accurate quality control station with new suction cup technology was developed to simplify and automate this process.
6 min read

LiTEC Slider: Precision, Adaptability & Quality in Edge Processing

Smart technologies - obvious advantages, that is the motto of the LiTEC technologies. As the first member of the LiTEC family, we present the LiTEC Slider, the heart of the KSD-A seaming and grinding machine from LiSEC.
8 min read

Microplastic-free glass transport: The eco-friendly solution

From November 2023, the ban on microplastics and products to which microplastics have been deliberately added will come into force in the EU. What this has to do with transporting glass and what possibilities there are to comply with the new legislation.
3 min read

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The upgrade that saves 85% energy: ESL-RS Vacuum System

Cutting tables from the ESL-RS series have been reliable tools in our customer's production since the early 90ies. In times of rising energy prices and resource consciousness, retrofitting to save energy reduces costs and equals sustainability.
9 min read

Time Factor Foil Laying

Assembly is a time-critical process in laminated glass production, and requires the most time, since manual processes often used.
16 min read

Intelligent Quality Assurance

The autoclave is the last step in the production process which assembles the prepared components. For this very reason, high quality and the lowest possible number of rejects are crucial, because they mean…
9 min read

Key Element Foil Storage

The foil is the core of the laminate and gives the laminated glass its special properties. Depending on the desired end product, the foil must have the necessary thickness, colour, transparency and function (sound insulation, translucency, etc.). The product portfolio thus determines the layout of the foil warehouse and the optimal organisation of the pre-laminate.
13 min read

Future-Proof Laminated Glass

Due to its excellent properties such as safety, sound insulation, UV protection and as well as uses as a design element laminated glass is finding more and more applications.
10 min read