We Introduce: The new CNC milling and Drilling Centre MRX-B!

The MRX-B, optionally available with water jet technology, is a fully automatic milling and drilling machine that delivers high performance combined with easy operation.

 Watch the product video and get to know the new MRX-B:

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The Components of the new processing Line SplitFin

The SplitFin is an integrated and continuous solution for fast and uncomplicated processing of the most common glasses and dimensions. The line is aimed especially at complete processing of interior glasses such as doors, side pieces or dividers. Splitting the processing steps allows a significantly higher output; the individual machines have been built to fit the required dimensions and requirements. The SplitFin sets new standards in user friendliness and ease of maintenance, since all important mechanical components are easily accessible and if possible located in the dry area.

We will present the SplitFin at the glasstec 2018 and invite you to book a meeting with one of our product engineers or sales employees.

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"It was love at first turn of the wheel"

Lisa Kronberger has been working as a Sales Assistant with us since February 2018. In her leisure time Lisa pursues a particularly interesting hobby: Downhill and Enduro. How she started with it and which competitions she takes part in, is best explained in her own words:

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How tempering technology affects your glass quality

Glass quality is an important issue in the field of tempered glass and the attention for it increases constantly – not merely because of its huge impact on your production costs…

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System 3 Ltd: ‘Always keep reinvesting!’

4 million – that’s the number of IG-units the LiSEC sealing robot VFL-1D at System 3 Ltd has already sealed. The robot operates in two shifts and was installed in 1999. Now, after 19 years, the owners are thinking of replacing it for a brand-new line – again from LiSEC, of course. Back in 1984 they produced basic double glass units, mainly for domestic windows, on an area of 600m². Today they employ 257 people, have an area of 13,000m² and produce double glazed units, structural toggle units, toughened laminated glass and much more. And System 3 has big plans for the future. “There are no detailed plans yet but we are planning to double the size of our factory”, reveals Allan Brown, owner of System 3 and responsible for production and technology.  


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