PC upgrade brings older LiSEC systems fully up-to-date

Claudia Guschlbauer on Jun 10, 2020 8:48:00 AM

Operating systems and other software are very central elements of machines. However, they have a very short life cycle. With the LiSEC LONGLiFE PC upgrade, you can bring your existing system right up-to-date, so that it can be operated and serviced for many more years. 

LiSEC machines are designed for use over many years. Through targeted modifications, it is possible to extend the service life of your LiSEC system even further: Within the framework of LiSEC LONGLiFE, LiSEC offers the replacement of central control elements. In this way, older systems can be equipped with components that are also installed in the current LiSEC standard machines. The services offered by LiSEC LONGLiFE therefore go far beyond the normal sale of spare parts.


The various components in each system have different life cycles: In general terms, mechanical components can be used for longer than electronic components. When compared to other components, software becomes obsolete pretty quickly. There are two reasons for this:


  • Operating systems and their versions, such as Microsoft Windows, become obsolete and their manufacturers initially discontinue support, before also discontinuing the sale of licenses sometime later on.


  • Programs from LiSEC, which are based on a specific operating system, like all applications, can only be maintained to a limited extent or with a great deal of effort once their life cycle has come to an end. 


Up-to-date software guarantees efficient processes


Software not only forms the basis for production, but also for the entire company: The control of the machines is linked to the company's ERP software, in order to optimise as many processes as possible. However, this only works if the operating systems, the applications based on them and the hardware are coordinated. This is difficult to guarantee with an outdated operating system. Particularly, if the manufacturer has also discontinued the associated support.


PC upgrade from LiSEC offers 9 advantages


With the PC upgrade, it is possible to update the software of each of the many different types of machine from LiSEC. This is possible despite each individual system being tailored to the individual needs of the customer, and therefore being unique in itself. As with all LiSEC-LONGLiFE modifications, the PC upgrade uses exactly those components that are installed in the current standard LiSEC machines. Your company benefits from this in a number of ways:


  1. Thanks to the modification, you extend the service life of your LiSEC system. New parts are used for the modification.  This brings your existing system up to the technical standard of a new LiSEC machine.

  2. The PC upgrade is much more cost-effective than the procurement of a new machine.

  3. Support with security issues is faster and more straightforward with the PC upgrade.

  4. Simpler and faster machine maintenance is possible, thanks to a better network connection.

  5. The PC upgrade significantly reduces the risk of a software-related system crash, and therefore also production downtimes.

  6. The supply of spare parts for your existing system is also assured for the future. The background to this: Components that also work with older software are often difficult to find on the market. An example: A graphics card that is capable of working with Windows NT is scarcely available today.

  7. The availability of service capacities is higher for machines that work with current software. Outdated software requires special know-how and not every service employee has this.

  8. The modification of your machine can be carried out place quickly on site. Because LiSEC is able to perform around 90 percent of the preparatory work for the PC upgrade in-house. The modifications, which are then carried out by a LiSEC service technician directly on site on your machine, take between 2 and 4 days. It is therefore possible to precisely plan your production downtime due to the modification in advance, and the time required for this is also extremely short.

  9. The PC upgrade encompasses new and improved versions of the LiSEC software. Their logic does not differ from earlier versions: When programming updates, LiSEC places great value on high usability. No additional time or effort are required in order to train your employees on the new applications: This takes place on the day on which the LiSEC service technician monitors and supports your production with the already modified system. Experience shows that no further training measures are required after this.


The PC upgrade can be realised within just a few weeks


If you decide in favour of a PC upgrade, you will receive a quotation tailored to your system within one week. The modification itself can be implemented within a few weeks, depending on the complexity and condition of the machine. LiSEC will attempt to perform the PC upgrade more quickly in urgent cases, such as a machine standstill. Your local LiSEC point of contact will be happy to provide you with tailored advice.


The modification itself consists of the following services:


  • Your machine will be equipped with an industrial PC from Beckhoff from current series production.

  • The monitor features a touchscreen. The operator and service personnel therefore have a modern and thus familiar interface with the machine available to them. The requisite screen cables are also included in the modification.

  • A new control panel is used, depending on the application. 

  • LiSEC takes care of coupling the visualisation to the programmable logic controller (PLC) of your system. This also includes the necessary bus connections for the PLC hardware.

  • You receive new licenses for your LiSEC software. These are required for compatibility with the new operating system. Old versions of the LiSEC software would no longer run with Windows 10, for example.

  • A LiSEC specialist carries out the installation on site, trains your employees, and monitors and supports production with your modernised system.


PC upgrades have proven themselves many times over


The degree to which a PC upgrade is beneficial to your company is naturally dependent on your specific situation. LiSEC customers frequently utilise this service. Examples from the field clearly demonstrate the many advantages of the modification offered within the framework of LiSEC LONGLIFE:


An Austrian company that supplies glass solutions to building industry professionals was forced to halt production due to a defective PC: However, it was not possible to source the spare parts required to get the obsolete device up and running again. LiSEC technicians succeeded in getting the computer working again with the help of spare parts from other old models. By replacing the hardware, they finally succeeded in locating the error responsible for bringing production to a stop.

The company was able to resume production. The management is now aware of the risk that such an unplanned stop could arise again with the existing configuration. It has therefore requested a tailored quotation for a PC upgrade. With this, the company can ensure that its LiSEC system from 2002 will be capable of operation for many more years to come: Because the PC upgrade brings the machine technically right back up-to-date. This also means that the system can be serviced and maintained in the future.


Conclusion: LiSEC LONGLiFE: How the PC upgrade modernises existing systems


LiSEC designs its machines so that the systems can be used for many years. However, certain components may become obsolete during this time. Operating systems and software in particular have a comparatively short life cycle. With the PC upgrade on offer from LiSEC within the framework of LiSEC LONGLiFE, you can significantly extend the service life of your LiSEC machine. This allows you to maintain your production for a longer period of time without the need to procure a new machine, whilst also minimising the risk of downtime. All in all, the PC upgrade will help you to save time and money.






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