Data as a chance for the production of the future

In today's business world, it is not enough for manufacturing companies to simply have well-filled order books. Rather, they need to ensure that their production facilities are used efficiently and consistently deliver high-quality products. The key to this lies in the data generated by the production equipment. Companies that manage to interpret this data in a meaningful way and draw the right conclusions from it have a clear competitive advantage over their rivals.
3 min read – Transparent production in the flat glass industry

Production companies in the flat glass industry are facing the challenge of optimizing their processes to increase productivity and quality like never before. Data and its analysis are playing an increasingly important role in this. If reliable data can be obtained from the individual production plants, valuable insights can be gained, which contributes to considerable transparency and facilitates well-founded decisions. With, LiSEC provides production managers with a data-supported tool for monitoring production performance on the basis of real-time data and subsequently optimizing it through appropriate measures.
7 min read

lis.edgebox – Revolution in remote maintenance and data acquisition

In today's business world, it is no longer enough to have a good order situation. To remain competitive, companies must also ensure that their machines run reliably and that production downtime is minimized. This is because downtime can lead to considerable costs and delivery delays.
4 min read

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lis.qualitypass - Traceable quality in insulating glass production

Quality plays a decisive role in insulating glass production. Customers rely on the properties of the products remaining the same and tolerances defined in various standards being adhered to. Production companies can only meet these requirements if they monitor the conditions under which the products are manufactured and take action if necessary. If quality defects occur, it is particularly important to be able to trace how they came about in order to define the necessary measures. With lis.qualitypass, LiSEC provides its customers with a tool that significantly increases traceability in insulating glass production.
6 min read