LiTEC Slider: Precision, Adaptability & Quality in Edge Processing

Sarah Hummelsberger on Nov 7, 2023 7:49:00 AM
Sarah Hummelsberger

Smart technologies - obvious advantages, that is the motto of the LiTEC technologies. As the first member of the LiTEC family, we present the LiTEC Slider, the heart of the KSD-A seaming and grinding machine from LiSEC.

Seaming glass edges requires a high level of precision and adaptability to compensate for the various defects on the glass such as breakage quality, flatness, geometric inaccuracies, etc. The new slider technology masters this challenge through the perfect interaction of tool and technology and transfers the outstanding flexibility of the grinding belts to the diamond grinding wheels.


To ensure optimal adaptation of the tool to the glass edge, we have replaced the rigid coupling between the tool body and the tool holder with a flexible connection. This allows the tool to move relatively on the holder and elastically couple the two components of the tool. By applying controlled pressure on both sides, the tool is centred on the glass edge. This process does not require any additional measurements or calibrations as the tool performs complete self-regulation.



  • poor breakage quality

  • slightly curved glass panes

  • damaged glass edges

  • geometric inaccuracies

  • misaligned laminated glass






Configuration for

Werkzeugkonfig_Standard V ohne Distanz_4-12mm

4 - 12 mm

Werkzeugkonfig_Standard V ohne Distanz_10-19mm

10 - 19 mm

Werkzeugkonfig_Standard V ohne Distanz_13-24mm

13 - 21 mm

The LiTEC Slider tool consists of two split wedge discs for seaming (yellow) and a straight coarse grinding disc (brown). Each type of split V-disc for seaming can be adapted to different glass thickness ranges using spacers (red).

In the standard configuration, the tool is adjusted by the operator using spacer rings depending on the disc width of the next batch.




Depending on production requirements, the grinding wheel configuration can be further adapted for optimum utilisation of the diamond wheels.


Fully automatic
Tool for glass panes 4 - 21 mm
without operator intervention

Optimised for wear
Use of the grinding disc on both sides:
Double the service life
One-step processing of thin glass
Optimised for trapezoid and C-profiles
for thin glass panes between 2 - 3 mm
Werkzeugkonfig_Breites V ohne Distanz_4-21mm Werkzeugkonfig_Doppel-V ohne Distanz_4-8 mm Trapez_C-Profil_gerGrob_Option_klein



The LiTEC slider is installed as standard in the KSD-A edge processing machine.


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