LiSEC SplitFin – The two towers!

Claudia Guschlbauer on Jun 19, 2020 8:36:38 AM

LiSEC has stood for quality glass processing with peripheral wheels for over 20 years now. Previously, this was primarily realised with so-called vertical all-in-one or combination machines (BAZ, KBF, etc.). The advantages of these machines lie in particular in the processing of large and complex sheets, because additional glass manipulations are omitted and the products can be fully produced in a single work step.

When developing the SplitFin in 2018, LiSEC deliberately opted for splitting the processing between two processing towers - EPS and MRX-B. With this division into edge processing and internal processing, customers are able to configure their production in a significantly more cost-efficient manner for the predominant portion of the product range.

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The advantages of the two towers:

  • Massive increase in productivity
    In comparison to the combination machines, the division between two processing towers results in cycle time reductions of around 50-60%. This means it is possible to sell almost twice as many sheets to end customers every day.
  • Scalability
    Not every customer has bottlenecks in edge processing and internal processing. The simple expandability means it is also possible to start with a single tower at any time. If necessary, this machine can be fitted to a processing line as an upgrade. This means it is also possible retrofit the water jet unit to an MRX-B for example.
  • Flexibility
    By switching from line mode to individual machine mode, it is possible and straightforward to drill or water jet cut glass sheets from other grinding machines (for example double-sided automatic grinding machines) on the MRX-B.
  • Autonomy
    Professional maintenance forms the foundation for a long service life and the processing quality of the machines. If maintenance is being performed on one tower for example, this does not usually affect the usability of the second tower.
  • Focussed machines
    Each tower has been designed for a single task only. The EPS-A performs edge processing, whilst the MRX-B drills, mills and cuts. The machines are therefore significantly more efficient and also more simple in design than can be case with combination machines.
  • Huge savings over the years
    The procurement of a line with two processing towers is naturally more expensive than acquiring a line with just one processing tower. However, this additional cost is usually recouped within a few months due to the massive gains in the productivity of the line (+80% more finished products within the same period) and the significantly more efficient use of the required resources (operating personnel, hall space, etc.). A calculation of cost to benefit over the entire service life usually reveals an enormous increase in the contribution margins.


If the focus of your production lies on the efficient processing of everyday products (doors, staircases, railings, roofs, etc.), the advantages of processing with two towers trumps the higher procurement cost in the majority of cases.

The application areas are hugely diverse due to the wide variety of versions and the well thought-out scalability, and the SplitFin as well as the individual machines can be optimally configured to your needs. A configurator is available on the LiSEC website for this purpose, which supports you in selecting the right configuration.

Glas Lang in Mondsee put its LiSEC SplitFin into operation a year ago and the company is particularly impressed with the speed, precision, throughput achieved, as well as the quality: “The entire work procedure is outstanding – a top quality product is output on the other side within the shortest possible time.  Particularly in the area of high-quality glass lites sheets like those used in staircases, or with shapes such as counter-bores, cut-outs or even glass doors or overhead glazing, and in interiors, where high furniture quality is essential and you wish to be state-of-the-art, you must use such systems in your production if you intend to be successful in the future," says Otmar Lang Junior, managing director of Glas Lang.

In his opinion, another advantage of the SplitFin system is the simple and intuitive machine operation. After just a short induction phase, the Glas Lang employees were able to work with the new system and achieve the desired results. This laid the foundation for the key factor of production reliability, which is essential for manufacturing operations. (the full report on the use of the SplitFin at Glas Lang can be found here:

Watch our webinar to find out more about how you too can turbo boost your production, what you need to consider and the advantages that you can enjoy with the SplitFin.


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