The upgrade that saves 85% energy: ESL-RS Vacuum System

Sarah Hummelsberger on Jul 13, 2023 9:44:20 AM
Sarah Hummelsberger

Cutting tables from the ESL-RS series have been reliable tools in our customer's production since the early 90ies. In times of rising energy prices and resource consciousness, retrofitting to save energy reduces costs and equals sustainability.

How does thE Vacuum UPgrade KIT save energy?

So far, the ESL-RS used compressed air to produce a vacuum for the extraction of the particles created during edge decoating of the heat or sun protection coating. Without moveable mechanical parts, this system was very robust and reliable. But producing a vacuum by means of compressed air requires a great amount of energy, which results in additional operating costs. The second time and cost factor was the dust cartridge, a spare part which created costs and could only be emptied with considerable effort. 

The upgrade kit introduces an industrial vacuum cleaner to create the vacuum using electricity, making the dust cartridge obsolete. All new ESL-RS cutting tables, as well as the DSC-A series, LiSEC's latest cutting technology, include this new system in the standard.

Compare the Former vacuum system of the ESL-RS with the retrofit:

Former vacuum system
using compressed air

New standard vacuum system
using an industrial vacuum cleaner system

(from Q2/2023 onwards)





4 benefits of the ESL-RS vacuum system UPGRADE kit

Up to 85 % less energy consumption

The industrial cleaner uses electrical power directly to generate the vacuum. This increased efficiency saves considerable amounts of energy and therefore operating costs per year: around 4.500 kWh* electrical energy per shift  and per year can be saved. Varying depending on energy price and cutting table usage, for a three-shift production the avoided costs can amount up to multiple thousand euros per year.

*) Results may vary depending on Low-E ratio of the production and production quantities.

​​​​Up to 100 % stronger vacuum

The vacuum produced by the industrial vacuum cleaner is up to two-time stronger than before. Due to this most of the dust particles from the Low-E deletion process are vacuumed off, and the cutting table and the air cushion surface stay clean for longer.

Around 90 % less maintenance

The new industrial vacuum system is equipped with a 15 l dust container, a dramatic increase from the previous 3 l container. The result is reduced downtimes to empty the container. The new system also uses dust bags, which are easily and quickly changed.


The better vacuum system cleans the air of particles produced by the Low-E deletion process. The HEPA3-standard filter shields operators from breathing particles and the ergonomic dust bag system prevents any direct contact with the dust.

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PROCESSING NEW PRODUCTS With the ESL-RS Thanks to new Vacuum System 

With the new, more powerful vacuum system it is possible to process special coatings that have additional protective layers on the surface. When processing TPF products with protective film, we recommend emptying the 15 l dust collection container after no more than 700 m edge deletion. 

**) Multiple grinding is only available for new equipment. If not, a reduced output quantity is to be expected.


How long does it take to retrofit a Cutting Table with the new vacuum system?

Under 4 hours***. That's all that's needed to remove the existing parts and install the new vacuum system. Watch the first retrofit modification, completed by two technicians in the first quarter of 2023 in Hausmening within 4 hours. The process has since been streamlined to only require one LiSEC technician supported by a local maintenance employee.

***) Time calculated for 1 LiSEC technican supported by 1-2 assistants provided by the customer. 


Follow the first change of a vacuum system compressed into 30 seconds: 



When will the ESL-RS upgrade kit for the vacuum system be available?

The retrofit will be rolled out starting summer 2023. For details on the availability in your region, please contact your local service hub.

For which ESL-RS machines is the upgrade kit recommended?

We recommend the retrofit for ESL-RS cutting tables built between 2013 and 2023, and for all cutting tables which do not already have external extraction.

Will new ESL-RS cutting tables have the new vacuum system?

Yes. All ESL-RS cutting tables sold after April 2023 are equipped with the new vacuum system.

How do I get information on pricing or a quote?

For additional information about this LiSEC LongLife product or individual advice on the viability of your LiSEC ESL-RS cutting table please contact



to get a quote!

or download our Factsheet:

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