lis.edgebox – Revolution in remote maintenance and data acquisition

Sarah Hummelsberger on Apr 23, 2024 9:20:41 AM
Sarah Hummelsberger

In today's business world, it is no longer enough to have a good order situation. To remain competitive, companies must also ensure that their machines run reliably and that production downtime is minimized. This is because downtime can lead to considerable costs and delivery delays.


To ensure smooth operation, it is important to resolve problems as quickly as possible. This can be particularly challenging if on-site maintenance by your own employees or specialist personnel is not possible. In such cases, fast and reliable remote maintenance by the machine manufacturer is essential.


lis.edgebox: The solution for secure and efficient remote maintenance

LiSEC, a leading supplier of machines and systems for the flat glass industry, offers an innovative solution for remote maintenance with the lis.edgebox. lis.edgebox is an industrial computer specially designed to meet the requirements of the glass industry. It enables a fast, reliable and secure connection between technicians and the customer's machines and servers.


Highest security standards

Security is the top priority for remote maintenance. lis.edgebox meets all current security standards and is state of the art. Two-factor authentication and encryption of the entire data transfer ensure maximum security. In addition, the connection is maintained by LiSEC to ensure that it always works and that technicians can access the machines as quickly as possible.


Comprehensive data collection and analysis

lis.edgebox is not only used for remote maintenance, but also for the acquisition of data from industrial plants and the secure transfer of this data to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The collected data includes, among other things

  • Data on the products produced
  • Different times, such as production, transport and waiting times
  • Status of the machines
  • Alarms that occur on the machines
  • Measured values such as temperatures, pressures, consumption and the like

This data is aggregated, processed and stored in the cloud, where it is available for use by applications such as and lis.qualitypass. These LiSEC cloud applications enable the data to be analyzed in order to record and improve production efficiency and product quality.

As a result, lis.edgebox and the associated cloud applications create transparency in the area of production and quality and companies can optimize their processes, identify weak points and increase the efficiency of their machines and systems.



The lis.edgebox is an innovative solution that is revolutionizing remote maintenance and data collection in the flat glass industry. It provides companies with the basis for a range of benefits, including

  • Fast and reliable problem resolution by LiSEC specialists
  • Significant focus on information security
  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis for increased transparency
  • Easy installation and use

lis.edgebox is ideal for all industrial companies in the flat glass industry that use LiSEC machines or LiSEC software.


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