Fully automated: Every pane knows its path

The machines no longer set the pace alone. Increasing automation is expanding the sphere of influence of software-controlled intralogistics. Planning and optimization software is taking the place of a production manager who plans and tracks the route of the panes through the production. The software manages, controls, and monitors the production processes and provides ongoing status feedback. The pacemaker is the sorting buffer, which makes it possible to combine conflicting priorities in production. How does today's unmanned production work?
6 min read

The arrival of robots in the glass industry

As automation progresses, more and more robots are finding their way onto the shopfloors of the flat glass industry. Robot technology improves process reliability as well as the quality of glass products. Where are robots currently being used? And what specific advantages do they bring? An analysis based on years of user and technology know-how.
7 min read

The wave of automation in the flat glass industry

When asking for greater efficiency, productivity and cost optimization, the answer is increasingly automation. From production to logistics, flat glass processing companies are relying more and more on automated solutions to simplify processes and increase overall performance. What industry-proven approaches are currently available for the automation of a flat glass production? And what impact do they have?
7 min read

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How tempering technology affects your glass quality

Glass quality is an important issue in the field of tempered glass and the attention for it increases constantly – not merely because of its huge impact on your production costs…
3 min read