The Components of the new processing Line SplitFin

Horst Schraml on Sep 27, 2018 10:42:00 AM
Horst Schraml

The SplitFin is an integrated and continuous solution for fast and uncomplicated processing of the most common glasses and dimensions. The line is aimed especially at complete processing of interior glasses such as doors, side pieces or dividers. Splitting the processing steps allows a significantly higher output; the individual machines have been built to fit the required dimensions and requirements. The SplitFin sets new standards in user friendliness and ease of maintenance, since all important mechanical components are easily accessible and if possible located in the dry area.

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Which components make up the line?

The SplitFin line concept comprises the following stations: A vertical edge grinding machine, a drilling and milling centre and a washing machine. In contrast to all-in-one centres or standalone solutions, this processing solution supports high output levels on the complete line. Depending on you requirements, you can start with single machines and extend your line to include other stations later.


Grinding and polishing edges

The edge grinding machine is a fully automatic system for grinding and/or polishing the glass sheets (grinding to size, fine-grinding). It is available with one or two grinding heads. The design with two grinding heads allows parallel processing of the top and bottom edge of the glass sheet. On request, the tool change can be automated. The edge grinding machine, which processes rectangles as a standard but can also work with shapes and radiuses, scores with short cycles times, achieved through the optimised manufacturing process for ground or polished edges. Another feature of this system, which has been redesigned from the ground up, is the optimised accessibility for service and maintenance tasks. Those tasks can now be completed significantly faster. The well thought out tool management will impress operators: For example, the system automatically corrects polishing wheel wear, and reprofiles & measures tools in production-free periods if possible.

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Part of the line is the vertical fully automatic edge grinding machine EPS, optionally with one or two grinding heads

Drilling and milling centre with water jet

The heart of the system is the optimised MRX-B WJ processing centre (the WJ stands for water jet). This processing centre is fast, versatile and easy to operate.

The MRX-B WJ achieves exceedingly fast cycle times. For a shower door with two Mickey Mouse cut-outs and a handle hole the system needs less than 90 seconds. Processing the same door with ground cut-outs takes less than two and a half minutes. These rapid processing times are enabled by technical refinements. For example, positioning the water jet cutting head directly below the processing spindle on the same axle allows faster changes between tools and waterjet processing. Furthermore, mounting the tool changer directly on the processing spindle speeds up the tool changes, right at the processing location where the tool is required. This minimizes unproductive idle times.

The MRX-B WJ makes it easy for the operators: Standard processes can be created quickly, without any CAD knowledge or software. Operators can also save favourites. The system takes care of the assignment and optimisation of tool types/diameters – all the operator has to enter is the desired quality. The system also automatically regulates the speed according to the vacuum conditions.

Versatility is an important asset of the MRX-B WJ: It can be used for drilling, milling, countersinking and grinding. It is possible to use combination tools or the patented water jet technology. It still retains the advantages of a standalone machine, as the MRX-B WJ can be loaded separately even in the line.

To avoid bottlenecks on the line caused by sheets which are not processed further after grinding, the VLO (vertical lift over) system transports these sheets past the MRX-B WJ. This option eliminates the need for sorting during the sheet set up: The operator can put the complete batch on the line with no regard for the processing.

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csm_MRX-B_0078_web_13e443c2ebThe MRX-B WJ drilling and milling centre with integrated tool changer and patented LiSEC water jet technology

Washing and drying

The last machine in the line is a fully automatic washing and drying system with four brushes. This machine, which can wash glass sheets up to 20 mm thick without any further adjustment, is equipped with fresh water rinsing after each brush zone (cascade system) and a hot water system with thermostat for the first brush zone. A pre-washing zone and brushes for washing low-E glass sheets are available as options.

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csm_whv_d_highlight1_1a67bd7be0The processing devices are complemented by a TCL or a VHW glass washing machine





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