How you can benefit from the innovations in glass cutting machines for laminated glass

For 25 years LiSEC has been working at the highest international level with machines for cutting laminated glass. If there is one thing we have learned in this quarter of a century, it is the fact that improvements are always possible. And this is exactly what we - together with our numerous customers - have continuously worked on.

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What you need to bear in mind when maintaining your laminated glass cutting machines

As we have already emphasised in the previous article, the correct handling of the machines plays an essential role in the clean and high-quality cutting of laminated glass. And, of course, proper production also includes regular maintenance of all components.

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How the design of the machine affects the glass cutting of laminated glass

Cutting laminated glass requires a total of three machines, which must be joined together to form one unit. However, the cutting process is not only influenced by the quality of the devices themselves, but also by the correct horizontal positioning and regular maintenance and inspection.

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What to look out for on the tools for cutting laminated glass

Due to the specific properties of laminated safety glass (LSG), a number of factors must also be taken into account when processing this material. After all, the shaped parts not only have to meet very high quality and functional standards, in most cases the aesthetic and visual requirements for the finished products are also extremely high. When cutting LSG, the systems and tools used therefore also play an essential role when it comes to achieving the best results.

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How the storage of laminated glass affects the glass cutting

It is well known that laminated safety glass (LSG) is a material that is specifically processed because of its composition.But transport, storage space properties, handling, temperature, humidity, age of the glass and much more have another dramatic influence on glass cutting.

“The best glass and the best machine can have processing problems if the storage is counter-productive.”

Flat glass can be obtained in various qualities from the manufacturers and the quality naturally has an influence on the processing.This article, however, deals with influencing variables that each processing company has under control.

1. Glass storage

The delivery of the flat glass is carried out with internal loader trucks.The internal loader racks are picked up by the truck and usually transport 20 tonnes of glass, which is stored in glass packages on the frame.Glass packages of 2.5 t or 5 t are commonly used.

These individual packages are separated from each other by cardboard strips (spacers).The respective glass packages are individually placed in the storage areas by an employee in the glass storage with a lifting device attached to the gantry crane.The storage areas are L- or A-frames.These are simple steel constructions with a support surface on which the glass lites sheets stand.

It is not obvious at first glance that the storage racks have an influence on subsequent processing, but they do have a clear effect.

It is essential that the support surfaces remain at the same level.The glass edges must lie evenly on several support points and so the glass can be stored more or less free of stress (see image above).If, on the other hand, the supports are inclined or of different heights or the support surface is worn on one side, stress is induced in the glass, which can be noticeable in the glass cutting process through increased glass breakage.

Glass temperature and humidity

Hot, cold, warm, dry, moist:Essential factors that should be considered in order to optimise the glass cutting process.Laminated glasses consist of a laminated layer of two flat glasses joined together by a foil (PVB, EVA, Setry glass, etc.).Due to their physical properties, glass and foil have different temperature behaviour and this must be taken into account during processing, especially when glass cutting.

Glass is a brittle material.The colder the more brittle, the warmer the softer.The foil has similar properties, but unfortunately in a different temperature range.Air humidity also influences the properties of the foil.

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How the production affects the glass cutting process

Everyone who processes this material knows that laminated safety glass (LSG) is unconventional and requires a great deal of sensitivity. The LSG cracks and chips and finally the question arises: What was to blame for the breakage? Was the cutting pressure too low? Was the crushing pressure too high? Cutting speed, acceleration, crushing roller feed, cutting wheel angle, temperature, cutting oil or was it tension in the glass during production in the glassworks? The influencing factors are unmanageable and glass qualities fluctuate constantly.

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Performance data, investment costs, contribution margin, consumption of resources – the acquisition of a new glass processing system requires careful consideration. In addition to the production requirements for the scope of functions and the commercial calculation, there is another point to be clarified before the final decision is made: What happens if the line stops at an unplanned point?

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Higher integration density now plays a central role in the further development of systems. Extensions, add-ons and improvements are not only a question of the hardware, but also of the production processes, and with this also of the control and management systems. Modular solutions are advantageous both in terms of time and cost.

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Three different production concepts are currently used in flat glass production. But where high quantities and fast throughput are required, two of these concepts drop out of the race – they cannot keep up with the pace of the integrated line.

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There is a real alternative to the traditional production and processing of flat glass in production lines with various stations: the integrated production line. A comparison shows that this method of production enables a wide range of resource and cost savings.

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The construction boom in Europe is delivering brilliant growth figures for the glass industry. The downsides are not long in coming: High pressure to innovate and compete on the one hand, a shortage of skilled workers on the other. Investing in pure capacity expansion has therefore been too short-lived – better production concepts are needed.

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We Introduce: The new CNC milling and Drilling Centre MRX-B!

The MRX-B, optionally available with water jet technology, is a fully automatic milling and drilling machine that delivers high performance combined with easy operation.

 Watch the product video and get to know the new MRX-B:

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The Components of the new processing Line SplitFin

The SplitFin is an integrated and continuous solution for fast and uncomplicated processing of the most common glasses and dimensions. The line is aimed especially at complete processing of interior glasses such as doors, side pieces or dividers. Splitting the processing steps allows a significantly higher output; the individual machines have been built to fit the required dimensions and requirements. The SplitFin sets new standards in user friendliness and ease of maintenance, since all important mechanical components are easily accessible and if possible located in the dry area.

We will present the SplitFin at the glasstec 2018 and invite you to book a meeting with one of our product engineers or sales employees.

Book your Meeting @ glasstec

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"It was love at first turn of the wheel"

Lisa Kronberger has been working as a Sales Assistant with us since February 2018. In her leisure time Lisa pursues a particularly interesting hobby: Downhill and Enduro. How she started with it and which competitions she takes part in, is best explained in her own words:

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How tempering technology affects your glass quality

Glass quality is an important issue in the field of tempered glass and the attention for it increases constantly – not merely because of its huge impact on your production costs…

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